I wanted to focus on a new aspect with Blushside + devote some time to a blog! I've never blogged before but I wanted to go a little deeper on certain topics: outfits, fitness, products I'm loving etc...

I get some specific questions by decent amount of people so anything I post on IG it will also be here :)


 * beauty edition*

Click on each item + it will take you straight to it! 

Best part? All of these items are under $20

*with the exception of one item being $23*


browning oil.

Maui Babe Browning Oil is something I use to accelerate my tan in the sun. How I use it? I rub it on my arms or legs when going for a walk with the kids or the park. #momhack

It smells yummy + gives you a pretty brown shimmer. 

It's not a self-tanning product. Instead, it works with the sun's UV rays to activate your skin's natural tanning process.


exfoliating glove.

I go through a lot of exfoliating gloves (since I'm KINDA obsessed with self tanning ;) ) and this one is super gentle- believe it or not some actually left scrapes on my skin! This one is soft but still scrubs the gunk off. 


dry shampoo.

Not only does this dry shampoo work like magic (some other brands leave your haiir too white or just straight up don't work)  this one works like a charm- no grease detected- while giving you coconutty beach vibes.



fun fact: I'm a lotion freak. I go through lotion like every week. I have a thing for constantly lotioning my hands- growing up that was one of my moms beauty tips: keep your hands and arms hydrated. Sooooo....clearly that stuck! I love trying new brands and new scents but in the summer, I want my lotion to smell like: SUMMER. 


sun hair lightener.

I was telling the kids that when I was younger I loved using Sun In- how many of you remember sun in?? haha. 

Anyway, the kids wanted to try it so while I couldn't find Sun In, I found this! I enjoy other products from this brand and this hair lightener is fantastic! I'm a sucker for anything that smells like summer and this one checks that box. After a few times using it my kiddos have the most beautiful blonde highlights! Thanks sun + spray!

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